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Face Lifts - Are performed on women and men. When the visible signs of aging in the face do not reflect the way people feel about themselves, a face lift can help. A face lift (or rhytidectomy) will result in a firmer and fresher look. It smoothes the loose skin on your face and neck, tightens underlying tissues and removes excess fat.

Forehead or Brow Lift - Another procedure which helps restore a more youthful look is a forehead lift or brow lift. It corrects drooping brows and improves the horizontal lines and furrows that are often mistaken for someone being angry, sad, or tired.
Dr. Martello can perform this procedure endoscopically which means smaller incisions and less trauma to the tissue.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery - The eyes are probably the most expressive part of the face and reveal how you feel. When your eyes are bright and alert, you appear confident, well-rested and energized. However, lower eyelid puffiness, drooping upper lids and dark circles can project tiredness, anger or unhappiness. Eyelid surgery can remove the excess fat and drooping skin of the upper eyelids, minimize bags under the eyes and tighten the lower eyelid skin.

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