Dr. Martello will help you:

Achieve a lovely skin tone

Bring oil production to normal levels

Diminish fine lines & wrinkles

Improve elasticity

Obtain smoother skin

  If you want beautiful skin you have to start with healthy skin. This is achieved when the skin is nourished by natural moisture and supported by good circulation. The only way to truly rejuvenate your skin is to reach below the surface and work at the cellular level. That's where the health and beauty of your skin is decided.

  The Obagi Nu-Derm system is unique. It combines specially developed products with medical supervision and counseling to treat your skin from the inside out.

  This system works on the surface to smooth roughness and correct damage, such as uneven skin tones and hyperpigmentation. It penetrates below the surface of the skin to stimulate proper cell renewal, improving circulation and helping restore your skin's natural moisture.

  Dr. Martello will prescribe the Obagi Nu-Derm products designed for your skin type and condition, and will determine the proper course of action for you.

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